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What Is Q-Account?

What Is Q-Account?

Every user in Qoo10 will be given a virtual account named a Q-Account. Q-Account allows storage of Qmoney whereby user can top-up their account through the following method:

Method 1: Purchase a Qoo10 Giftcard from the Qoo10 India website through this link. For Qoo10 Giftcards purchased, please take note of the following Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing, accepting or using a Qoo10 gift card (“Gift Card”), you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”):

General Terms

- The Gift Cards are issued by Clues Network Private Limited (“the Company”), which reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions; any such amendment will be effective upon publication on the Company’s online platform at http://www.qoo10.in

- You may not sell Gift Cards without the prior approval of the Company.

- The Company reserves the right to suspend or revoke a Gift Card, or redemption thereof if it suspects that the Gift Card was purchased or utilized in connection with illegal or otherwise inappropriate activity.

- To the extent legally permitted, the Company shall not be liable for any loss of money, goodwill, or reputation, or any special, indirect, or consequential damages arising out of your purchase or use of Gift Cards.


- You must be a legal person with a registered Qoo10 account (“Qoo10 account”) to purchase Gift Cards.

- You may purchase up to a total of ₹50,000 amount of Gift Cards a month.

- You may not use Q-money to purchase Gift Cards.


- You need a Qoo10 account to redeem a Gift Card.

- You may only redeem a Gift Card by using it to charge your Qoo10 account with Q-money.

- A Gift Card is not redeemable for cash.

- A Gift Card may not be partially redeemed.

- You may redeem a Gift Card that was purchased by yourself or sent to you by other members.

- A Gift Card will only be valid for redemption for 6 months from the date of purchase.

- Q-money charged by a Gift Card cannot be withdrawn.


- A Gift Card is not refundable.

- Subject to the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions, a refund request for a Gift Card will be processed under the Qoo10 User Agreement


Please note that Qmoney in Q-account that is funded by Qoo10 Giftcard will not be allowed for withdrawal, but only for the user in the Qoo10 India website for purchasing Goods and Services.

Method 2: Top-up Qmoney via the Qoo10 India website through this link. Users can purchase Qmoney directly via the link and the Qmoney will be top-up automatically upon completion of the transaction. Qmoney acquired in this way can be “withdrawn” to the user's bank account registered with his or her Qaccount.

Q·money may also be credited to your Q·account in the following cases:

  • If the user's payment (paid by bank transfer) exceeds the actual amount, the difference is deposited into the user's Qaccount.
  • When users cancel or return their order(paid by bank transfer), the refund amount is deposited into the user's Qaccount.

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