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FerragoldBKC Pre-Mix Apricot Kernels Powder(Almond Powder)

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Country of Origin/Manufacture/Assembly Malaysia Condition New Product
BKC Pre-Mix Apricot Kernels Powder(Almond Powder) 杏仁粉 700g【BKC马广济】杏仁粉Almond Powder Pre-Mix Apricot Kernels Powder (Almond Powder) Almond powder can have the function of moist lung, is good for replenishing qi and blood, and also has the effect of relieving cough. Rich fiber content can promote bowel creep, improve stomach whole intestine, help digestion, cure constipation. Vitamin b 17, anticancer, also can enhance anti-allergy ability. Phosphorus, iron, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids are important nutritional factors for maintaining human health, and daily
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